Hurry Up & Wait
October 2, 2006

Detroit, MI -- As it stands right now, we're about as far as we can go on our Super Streeter until the top half of our engines return. The bottom halves are pretty much all there and ready to go, minus another set of Diamond Racing Pistons and final balancing. With exception of the hood & scoop, the body and windows are completely installed. The exterior lights, wing, and parachute are on. The suspension, brakes, and steering are all bolted in, and brake & fire suppression system hard lines are all bent up and clamped down. The interior has been completely finished as well. Yep, it's all there. We've paid a lot of attention to reducing the weight of our car and we're pretty sure that we'll end up darn close to our minimum weight - or at least closer then we thought we'd be…

All we're waiting on now is for ET Performance to finish both sets of our new 11 degree Dart Big Chief heads and the matching intake as well as the remodeling of our 14 degree Big Chief heads. These are the final pieces of our puzzle and as soon they're done, we'll build a mock up, fit the hood scoops, and send the car out for header fabrication.

While that's happening, the intake manifolds will be sent south to Jeff Prock at Applied Nitrous Technology in Rogersville, TN. Jeff has already reviewed the intake manifold designs and has his plan in place for nitrous-oxide and fuel delivery systems. All he needs now is the manifold for implementation. But no worries there, we're in the good hands of ET Performance's John Pico. John is a master when comes to racing engine component fabrication. His work is well thought out, highly detailed, and very meticulous. Judging by the other intake manifolds he's built, our intake will be the centerpiece of our new induction package.

After that, we'll plumb the engine in the latest lightweight AN hose & fittings as we gather ignition & electrical components and prepare to again send the car out one last time for wiring.

I wish we had more to report but we're to that 'hurry up & wait' portion of the project where 'Part B' can't be worked on until 'Part A' is in place. So while we all eagerly await the next step, take a look at the new photos or maybe peruse a few of our older updates in our More News section to see exactly how we got to this point.

Hopefully, we'll have something new to share with you very soon.

So until next time; Thanks for stopping by!

Ted & Tim Pelech
Pelech Bros. Racing

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