Perfume on a Pig
June 23, 2006

Detroit, MI -- The boxes hadn't even been in the shop for five minutes before we wildly started un-wrapping all of the great looking powder-coated parts that had just returned from a short trip to QC Coatings. With wrapping paper strewn everywhere, It was literally Christmas in July for us! We immediately rolled the toolboxes next to the car and spread racks of tools, air hoses, and parts across the workbenches like surgeons in an operating room.

At the same time, the last few remaining body pieces were inbound from the Waterford, Michigan paint & body shop of 'The Chaz-man' - Charlie Vickery. I can't help saying it again, but QC Coatings and Chaz did an amazing job on the appearance of our race car & parts. Simply gorgeous! And they both worked like they were trying to set a low elapsed time record for getting the stuff back to us. Thanks again, fellas!!!

Now that we were buried in parts, we had no choice but to start digging. An arm-full at a time, race parts were being reassembled and bolted to the car.

I would like to point out that doing the black border around the edge of the poly-carb windows has been the highlight of the assembly so far. The instructions from the manufacturer say to tape off a line 1 ½" from the edge and use 180 grit sand paper to thoroughly scuff the surface for paint adhesion. And I did! I scrubbed the snot out of it. After that, I removed & re-taped the line to have a crisp clean edge, sprayed the black paint, and waited until the paint was completely dry before removing as instructed. WRONG! As soon as I started peeling the tape, big black paint flakes were being peeled off the window edge with it. It was bad! I guess that's what I get for following the directions. At this point, I consulted with racecar builder extraordinaire, Keith LaCroix to find out how it's done in the real world.

Keith laughed as soon as I said, "…180-grit". He said, "…more like 80-grit." But I wasn't so brave to take 'glued gravel' and rub it on our plastic windows, so I went with a slightly more conservative 100-grit. This time, instead of waiting for the paint to dry, I pulled the tape as soon as the paint was tacky. It worked perfectly!

Tim has worked his rear off and has done a fantastic job modernizing the body and chassis of our practically new race car. But things are lagging behind in my department - the engine department. And now Tim's griping at me because the front suspension & brakes that I was working on aren't buttoned up yet. I better go. A lot of people around here are starting to look at me with raised eyebrow. The fun just doesn't end!!!

I'll try to get some more stuff out soon. In the mean time, have a look at a few pictures.

Catch ya later and thanks for stopping by!

Ted & Tim Pelech
Pelech Bros. Racing

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