One Piece at a Time…
May 01, 2006

Detroit, MI -- Over the last couple weeks I’ve received a handful of mean spirited e-mails requesting that we update our website and to stop screwing around with showing single, ‘non-descript’, photos of our car in progress. It’s been (almost) politely requested that we show ‘more’ and ‘better’ photos of what we’ll be taking to the drag strip this year. After all, as ‘one writer’ suggested, “…how am I supposed to know if you guys will still be a safe money on the betting fence at the digs?”

Safe? Seriously? Nobody ever said there was anything safe about racing in general, let alone the Pelech Bros. operation… In fact, we’re the subject of Ralph Nader’s next book.

So, with the threat of alienating our two or three ‘alleged’ fans hanging over our heads, we’ve decided we better show a few of our cards…

So here’s your oil, squeaky wheels… Have a look!

Deep within the cockles of the Pelech Bros. Racing shop, work continues on our return to 10.5W tire Super Street racing. The class has changed dramatically since we last competed in it, and in my opinion, almost none of the changes will do anything to better the class in the long run. But so be it. This is what we chose to do and nobody held a gun to our heads to make us do it.

Here’s a quick, inside look at the fantastic shop that the Flosky family has generously provided for us to work in. So before we get started on our look at the reconstructed Super Streeter, I’ve got to again say, “Thank You, Tony!”

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