Hoosier to 'Roll Out' Redesigned 10.5W Tire!

January 01, 2006

Lakeville, Indiana -- The engineers at Hoosier Racing Tire have been hard at work to stay at the forefront of the 10.5W tire development with the release of their new C11 compound 33.0 x 10.5W-15 tire, part number #18331.

Hoosier's latest 10.5W drag tire features a greater roll-out of 104", as measured on a 14" wide rim and also features Hoosier's new, race proven, C11 compound, which has performed exceptionally in on-track testing.

For more on Hoosier Racing Tires, be sure to visit them at www.HoosierRacingTire.com or call your local Hoosier Racing Tire distributor.

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