Time Keeps on Ticking, Ticking, Ticking...
October 19, 2005

Centerline, MI -- You'd think that seeing bare trees and leaves on the ground would ease the nerves of northern racers. Well it doesn't. To us, it's a reminder of how quickly the 2006 racing season is approaching. Then add in the days lost to Thanksgiving, PRI, and Christmas functions and the pressure to be prepared for the upcoming season really builds.

Even though we've made a lot of progress over the last several months, there's just as many things to still do as there are thing that have already been done. The car itself is nearly done but there are still several major details that need to be addressed. By now, I wanted to have our engines nearly completed, with confirmed dates for December dyno-ing, and solid plans for Florida test & tune runs in January. That isn't going to happen.

In my assessment, we're 50% of the way to making representative runs. Notice; I said 'representative' runs, not 'competitive' runs. With the all of the organization's rules yet again in a state of major flux, nobody has an idea of what 'competitive' will be. And when I say 'representative', I mean representative of the capability of our combination. Representative doesn't necessarily mean competitive. Regardless, we still have plenty to do before making any runs - good or bad. Somewhere in this hectic mess, we still need to figure out how to make more power to assure that we are competitive.

Soon, it won't be leaves that are falling; it'll be snow. Winter will be here and so will the last milestone before the arrival of another racing season.

With that, I guess I should wrap this up and get onto something that'll get our car one step close to running the number.

Next stop; PRI… and more down time.

Bah Hum-bug!

Ted & Tim Pelech
Pelech Bros. Racing

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