Just Keep Fighting!
August 10, 2005

Centerline, MI -- It's a real relief to finally see the Pelech Bros. Racing Super Street project getting closer to finished. To be honest, little of it has went smoothly. Things aren't going together as easily & quickly as they should be, parts are taking much longer to get then expected, and worst of all, the car doesn't look like it's going to be as light as we need it to be and we've run out of ideas to get there. We're just going to have to squeeze a few more HPs out of the engines to make up for it. Fortunately, we have the right parts and people like Jeff Prock at Applied Nitrous Technology and John Hutchinson of Hutch's Transmission Service to get the job done when the pressure is on!

The last couple weeks have been pretty productive. Tim has brought car a long way in that time and he's finishing up the details now. Our friends at Victory Racing Engines have been very helpful and are doing an excellent job getting us the parts we need in a hurry. The prices have been pretty good too, a lot of times even better then Summit. On a related note, this is the last week of the big Comp Cams sale at Victory Racing Engines. The deals are smoking! Since the racing season is pretty much over, this is the 'slow' time for many manufacturers. Several companies offer great savings this time of year to help hold them over until things get busy again in January. This is how Victory can offer Comp Cams parts at a such low prices. Just to give you a taste of how much we're talking, we ordered $560 in assorted Comp Cams valve train parts through Victory that would've cost $730 from Comp Cams direct, or $675 through Jeg's. We saved over $100! Now that's stout! But you better hurry, the sale ends October 15, 2005. And don't forget, Comp Cams is an NSCA contingency sponsor. Not only are you lining your pockets with extra cash when you win, you're supporting those who support the NSCA series.

Getting back on track here… Good progress is also being made in the engine department. Both blocks are sitting up on stands waiting to have fresh internals bolted into them. We're just waiting for our heads and cool new one piece rocker arm stands to come in from ET Performance. After we have the heads, Diamond Racing Pistons will then digitize a combustion chamber and cut new pistons. We'll try our best to be nice to them, but until Diamond runs out of aluminum, I doubt we will.

After that, all that'll be left to do on the engines is plan the oiling system, mandrel drive & belts, and AN hoses.

Thanks for stopping in…

Ted & Tim Pelech
Pelech Bros. Racing

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