Taking Care of Business
July 08, 2005

Centerline, MI -- When it comes to race car fabrication, I don't impress easily. I've seen lots of cool, clean, and well thought out stuff from some of the biggest names over the years. But when it's your own brother who's turning out work on that level, it gets your attention. I guess the quiet kid with the attitude problem that worked for guys like Al Bergler and the Macker must've learned a couple things along the way.

Everything Tim has done on the car looks like it came from one of the big name shops and I'm sure it'll perform like it too. All of the new fab work you'll see on our car was designed and built by Tim with assistance from Al Bergler and another un-named expert race car fabricator that Tim brought in to execute a critical phase of the chassis upgrade. We want to extend our sincere thanks to both Al and Mr. X .

Many of the trick new loose parts that Tim has made have been pulled off the car and placed in boxes to be taken to Bill Walker and his crew at QC Coatings to be 'made pretty'.

Engine Parts are slowly funneling in. One engine block is here and I'll be picking up the other on Saturday. We've got a good supply of FelPro gaskets and SpeedPro rings & bearings on hand, so we'll be ready to start screwing our short blocks together as soon as the pistons come in from Diamond.

In the mean time, work continues on our cylinder heads at ET Performance. Things have been bogged down by the development of their one-piece rocker bar for the Big Chief style head. These things will eliminate the problems that a lot of racers have with ripping exhaust rocker arms & stands right out of the castings due to high RPMs and excessive cylinder pressure. ET Performance is bringing a ton more reliability to the weak exhaust rocker arm mounting system that plagues the Big Chief style head and you'll be the first to see them right here as soon as I can get some pictures. ET's telling me that they're getting close and that we should have our stuff back shortly. Immediately after that, they'll be starting in on our new symmetrical port cylinder head & intake package.

More to come soon…

Ted Pelech
Pelech Bros. Racing

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