Making a Little Magic
February 01, 2005

Centerline, MI -- Some people make it happen, some people watch it happen, and others wonder what happen…

Our Super Street overhaul project hasn't left our shop yet and already it has spun out of control and smacked the wall. Originally, we were just going to screw the 10 ˝" Hoosier's back on, take a little weight out, and lure a few more HP out of our already powerful engine. It was going to be a very conservative program.

Not anymore.

The car has been cut up much more then we had anticipated, the weight reduction plan went from casual to border line obsessive, and the size of our engine has been adjusted to the rate of inflation. What was 420 cubic inches for the last several years has been adjusted to 445 in today's cubic inches

The original engine plan was to send our cylinder heads back to ET Performance for some up grades and needed maintenance and to have Jeff Prock at Applied Nitrous Technology work a little "magic" on our intake manifold. Now - ET won't be refining our cylinder heads, they'll be designing us some brand new ones. And Applied Nitrous Technologies will be applying that "magic" to a completely new intake manifold that ET Performance designed and fabricated to Prock's specifications.

We want to win and the original plan just won't meet the objective.

So our project plan was revised and every day we get a little closer to done.

While Tim spear heads the body & chassis portion of the project, I'm dealing with the challenges of concocting a race winning engine package. Soon the car will be headed out for paint, in fact, by the time you read this it'll probably already be there. While that's going on, our new engine combination will be bearing down on the dyno in an extensive test of it's worthiness. Once every square and cubic inch of the engine and it's tune up is scienced out we'll screw it into chassis and take it to the track to see if we can hurt anyone's feelings with it.

One of the new items I'm really anxious to get my hands on is the latest offering in electronic fuel injection technology from FAST - a.k.a. Fuel Air Spark Technology. It's their new XFI fuel injection system. From what the guys at FAST are feeding me, this thing sounds hot! It has lots of new functions and capability, but we'll just have to see if this thing is as extreme as it's name implies.

We've got a lot of new parts coming and going through the door of the Pelech Bros. Racing compound and a lot of long hour are being logged in anticipation of the upcoming racing season. The entire Pelech Bros. Racing crew is eager to get back to the track and into the winners circle. We'll see you there.

Ted & Tim Pelech
Pelech Bros. Racing

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